Wall Decor : Metal Wall Art

Artfully constructed metal wall art is perfect for a home looking to create a unique coastal look and establish a theme for the room. Wilford & Lee metal wall décor ranges in size, color, and image. Tropical birds of paradise and palm fronds will transport you to an island vacation. Coastal metal wall art depictions of sailboats, dolphins, and turtles will make every room feel like your feet from the beach. Schools of metal wall fish can make your walls come alive and give your room character. The beautiful blues and greens in our coastal metal wall decor will compliment the colors in your beach house. If you need a pop of color, we have brightly colored metal geckos and metal flowers to add fun to your walls. Or if you are looking to transition to spring feel, metal butterflies and dragonflies are available to add color and lighten a room just in time for a new season. When there is a space on your wall that needs a statement piece, buy metal wall art that will both start a conversation and elegantly blend with the decor of your home.

Metal Wall Art




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