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Red Butterie Toaster Tongs and Oven Rack Hook


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Product number: 265750
Butterie Toaster Tongs are super cute and super handy! These thoughtfully designed tongs work beautifully with both pop-up toasters and toaster ovens.

Our tongs make grabbing your bread safe & easy. What makes our tongs unique is the integrated oven rack hook. No more burning your hands reaching into a hot toaster oven. Butterie Toaster Tongs bring the oven rack to you.

-Serrated teeth to better grab and hold your bread
-Integrated hook pulls out hot oven racks, keeping hands away from dangerous heat
-High-quality, durable BPA-Free plastic, won’t split, splinter or break
-Dishwasher safe
-Extended length
-Solid one-piece construction

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